Wrestling With Shadows: 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition DVD (2 Discs)
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Over the span of one year, a documentary film crew followed Bret Hart. They hoped for an unprecedented look behind the scenes of the World Wrestling Federation. What they got was the most dramatic story in the history of wrestling.  Granted unprecedented access, Director Paul Jay's HITMAN HART, wrestling with shadows goes behind the tightly guarded walls of wrestling's world of grand spectacle and theatre.  The film explores the meaning today's wrestling morality plays, then as fantasy crosses into real life, revealing the true story of Bret Hart's struggle with Vince McMahon, the legendary owner of World Wrestling Federation.  The film climaxes with the tale of the biggest, real double cross in the history of pro wrestling.  HITMAN HART, wrestling with shadows is a film about good and evil, sacrifice and greed, loyalty and betrayal - and a man in a world of moral uncertainty, fighting to keep a sense of personal dignity and truth.  

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF OWEN HART chronicles the short but eventful life of pro wrestling superstar Bret "Hitman" Hart's brother Owen Hart, May 7TH, 1965 - May 23RD, 1999.  

Including interviews with Bret Hart ten years later and director Paul Jay. 

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