X-Men Season 5 Volume 2 DVD
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Episode #6 Jubilee’s Fairytale Theatre
Jubilee leads a school cave tour, only to get trapped with the group of children in fast-rising water. As she keeps the kids calm with some medieval mutant story-telling, it’s up to the real X-Men to provide a fairy-tale ending.

Episode #7 Old Soldiers
Harking back to World War II, Wolverine reminisces over his alliance with super-soldier Captain America. Together they set out to rescue a kidnapped scientist, but the battle lines are drawn as they encounter dangerous Nazi agent Red Skull.

Episode #8 Hidden Agendas 
Rogue heads south to investigate a mutant cannonball making waves in his hometown. Discovering the life she never had, Rogue has to protect the explosive youngster from the harsh reality of a military takeover.

Episode #9 Descent 
The origins of evil Mister Sinister are revealed in the Victorian era of London. An ancestor of Professor Xavier strives to uphold human evolution in the face of a twisted Dr. Nathaniel Essex and his immoral mutant experiments. 

Episode #10 Graduation Day
It’s a fatal finale, as Professor Xavier is crippled and dying. The X-Men are tortured by the threat of Magneto’s world takeover and the loss of their beloved leader to the Shi’Ar Empire.

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