X-Men Season 4 Volume 2 DVD
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This DVD includes the last eight episodes from Season Four of X-Men . . . Wolverine is close to breaking point and quits the X-Men to find himself . . . the search for love proves frustrating for Rogue and Cyclops . . . in a terrifying climax Apocalypse battles Cable for control of time.

Episode #8 Weapon X, Lies, and Video Tape 
Threatened by a mental breakdown, Wolverine sets off with Beast to the secret Weapon X lab in Canada to uncover his traumatic past, leading to an explosive finale with Sabretooth, Maverick and Silver Fox.

Episode #9 Lotus and the Steel
In a search for inner peace, Wolverine takes spiritual leave from the X-Men in Japan. As a guilty Jubilee tries to find him, Wolverine gets caught up in a siege by the fearsome mercenary Silver Samurai and his flock of bandits.

Episode #10 Love in Vain 
Wolverine is overwhelmed by alien bugs in the New Mexico desert. Meanwhile Rogue inadvertently leads the X-Men into danger, as her first love, Cody, reveals his strange connection with the horrific infestation.

Episode #11 Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas 
There’s little Christmas cheer, as the X-Men’s shopping trip results in a bloody mission to rescue the child mutant Leech, while Jean Grey and Gambit squabble in the kitchen.

Episode #12 Beyond Good and Evil, Part 1 
It’s time for trouble, as Cyclops and Jean Grey’s second wedding attempt is interrupted by the evil time-travel plot of mutant warlord Apocalypse and geneticist Mister Sinister.

Episode #13 Beyond Good and Evil, Part 2
In a sinister plot to re-invent humanity, Apocalypse targets the ninja Psylocke and other mutants endowed with telekinetic powers, leaving the X-Men in a race to track them down first.

Episode #14 Beyond Good and Evil, Part 3
Warrior of the future, Cable, travels back in time and teams up with the X-Men to destroy Apocalypse’s life-support system and prevent him taking over the universe.

Episode #15 Beyond Good and Evil, Part 4
In his quest for immortality, Apocalypse’s fate is sealed at the Axis of Time, after Wolverine, Cable and Bishop manage to free the kidnapped psychic mutants.

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