X-Men Season 4 Volume 1 DVD
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Episode #1 Nightcrawler
Whilst on vacation, Wolverine hears of a demon hiding at a monastery and terrorizing the residents. The investigation leads the X-Men to the devilish mutant Nightcrawler, who tests everyone’s faith to the limit.

Episode #2 One Man's Worth, Part I
Mutant police Bishop and Shard travel back in time to a fierce battle between humans and Magneto’s evil mutants. Can Wolverine and Storm help them save a Professor Xavier of the past and preserve the future of mutant-human relations?

Episode #3 One Man's Worth, Part II
Unable to stop Xavier being killed before he founded the X-Men, the four mutants have one more chance to save him, but face an untested time machine and a future ruled by the powerful Sentinel, Master Mold.

Episode #4 Proteus, Part I
Proteus escapes from the Mutant Research Centre to track down his father, who abandoned him as a child. The X-Men have to stop the telepathic teenager’s warped outlook and the ensuing trail of destruction.

Episode #5 Proteus, Part II
Family values are brought into question as Proteus storms his father’s political campaign and creates further havoc, whilst Professor Xavier tries to bring together a deadbeat dad and slighted son.

Episode #6 Family Ties
When twin mutants, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, are captured by a psychotic biologist, the X-Men get caught up in a family feud against the twins’ father, Magneto, and an experimental plot.

Episode #7 Bloodlines
The bloodlines become blurred when Nightcrawler receives threats against his birth mother, whom he never knew. He calls on the X-Men, who encounter his disturbed brother...

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