X-Men Season 3 Volume 4 DVD
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Episode #20 A Deal with the Devil
Soviet super-soldier Omega Red enlists the help of sworn enemies Wolverine and Storm to salvage a toxic nuclear submarine. His deadly intentions are revealed in the darkest depths of the oceans.

Episode #21 Sanctuary, Part I 
To feed his hatred of humankind, the powerful and dangerous mutant Magneto creates an orbiting base for mutants, Asteroid M, which results in the X-Men becoming entangled in a plot to assassinate Magneto.

Episode #22 Sanctuary, Part II 
With Magneto out of the way, upstart Fabien Cortez takes control of Asteroid M and launches a nuclear attack on Earth. It’s down to the X-Men to stop Cortez and prevent a world wipe-out.

Episode #23 Xavier Remembers 
After suffering concussion, Professor Xavier’s mind is possessed by the malevolent spirit Shadow King and it’s proving a real headache for the X-Men to bring him back from the Astral Plane.

Episode #24 Courage 
Shape shifter Morph returns home to re-join the X-Men but the welcome party is disrupted by Master Mold and the terrifying Sentinels, a powerful army of mutant-hunting robots, who nearly killed Morph on their last encounter.

Episode #25 Secrets, Not Long Buried
As Cyclops heads to a desert town to visit an old friend, his plane crashes. As a result, he loses his mutant powers and is hunted down by a gold-digging anti-human mutant group, led by the maniacal Solarr.

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