X-Men Season 3 Volume 3 DVD
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Episode #14 The Dark Phoenix, Part I: Dazzled
Jean Grey’s body is still infused with the Phoenix and, as a mutant singer, Dazzler, flirts with Cyclops, Jean is tricked into joining the Inner Circle, leaving the X-Men to prevent abuse of the Phoenix Force.

Episode #15 The Dark Phoenix, Part II: The Inner Circle
With Jean Grey as their new Black Queen, the Inner Circle plan to dispose of the X-Men. A war of psychic attrition develops between the X-Men, the Inner Circle and Phoenix, with Jean caught in the middle.

Episode #16 The Dark Phoenix, Part III: The Dark Phoenix
Struggling to free Jean’s body from Phoenix, the X-Men are confronted by the hostility of the Dark Phoenix, who destroys an entire star system. Shi’ar ruler Lilandra orders the death of Phoenix/Jean Grey. Can the X-Men stop the Dark Phoenix without harming Jean?

Episode #17 The Dark Phoenix, Part IV: The Fate of the Phoenix
After a battle with the Shi’ar Imperial Guard to save Jean Grey, Professor Xavier astonishes the X-Men by commanding a strike on Phoenix, threatening Jean’s mortal safety.

Episode #18 Orphan’s End
Corsair, leader of the space pirates Starjammers and father of Cyclops, arrives on Earth on the run from the Shi’ar. Can Cyclops help prove the innocence of a man who abandoned him as a child?

Episode #19 The Juggernaut Returns
The X-Men come to the rescue of Professor Xavier’s step-brother and arch-enemy, the unstoppable Juggernaut, after his powers acquired from an ancient ruby are stolen.

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