X-Men Season 3 Volume 2 DVD
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Episode #8 No Mutant is an Island
Still grieving the loss of his beloved Jean Grey, Cyclops quits the X-Men to return to the orphanage he grew up in. Things are not what they seem: mutant children are being trained as human killers and could Jean Grey still be alive?

Episode #9 Obsession
Itinerant X-Man Archangel is desperate for revenge against his saviour Apocalypse and enlists the help of Beast in his murderous quest, but the X-Men’s cunning plan to stop Apocalypse is unravelled by Archangel’s recklessness.

Episode #10 Longshot
The manipulative media tyrant Mojo lures his rebel slave Longshot and the X-Men into a deadly TV contest. Jubilee is the unfortunate prize and the live broadcast ensures top ratings for the greedy showman.

Episode #11 Cold Comfort
Former X-Man Bobby ‘Iceman’ Drake returns and clashes with Xavier after breaking into a government compound. His explanation for turning evil results in a confrontation between the X-Men and another mutant team, the X-Factor.

Episode #12 Savage Land, Strange Heart, Part I
Storm is kidnapped by half-human, half-pterodactyl, Sauron, and taken back to the Savage Land, where she is drained of her mutant energies. The X-Men arrive to fight off dinosaurs, Sauron, the godlike Garokk and . . . Storm!

Episode #13 Savage Land, Strange Heart, Part II
The X-Men and the island natives battle to prevent volcanic destruction as Storm unleashes her elemental powers on the Savage Land and Garokk is rejuvenated by the surging planetary force.

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