X-Men Season 2 Volume 2 DVD
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Episode #7 Time Fugitives, Part I
Once again, Bishop, an upstart mutant from the 21st century, must travel back to the present day to help the X-Men fight a plague that threatens to consume all mutant-kind.

Episode #8 Time Fugitives, Part II
As human-mutant relations worsen and the plague rages uncontrollably, Cable, another time traveller, takes matters into his own bionic hands to save the present of his own future world.

Episode #9 A Rogue's Tale
When Rogue is impelled by her foster mother to revisit her past, Rogue's overpowering flashbacks drive her away from the X-Men and into the waiting arms of her foremost enemy, the evil Ms. Marvel. On a psychic plane, an avenging Ms. Marvel and Rogue engage in a gruelling battle.

Episode #10 Beauty And The Beast
Against all odds, Dr. McCoy (Beast) falls in love with Carly, a blind patient. Carly's father, a rampant mutant-hater, is forced to alter his views when he must rely on the X-Men to save his kidnapped daughter from the wicked Friends of Humanity.

Episode #11 Mojovision
Mojo, a mega maniacal television network programmer, uses his psychic powers to pit the X-Men against each other in his latest galaxy television hit. The bloodthirsty audience goes wild as the X-Men fight each other, ensuring the greedy showman his highest ratings ever.

Episode #12 Reunion, Part I
A captured Xavier and Magneto are the bait as Mister Sinister lures the other X-Men to his Savage Land castle. After capturing the team, Sinister will use their genetic material to update Magneto's lowly band of "mutates" to create his own army of unstoppable mutants.

Episode #13 Reunion, Part II
Upon touchdown in Savage Land, the X-Men lose all their mutant skills and are immediately captured by Sinister's nasty boys. As Sinister begins to DNA imprint Rogue, Wolverine and island-native Kazar must stop the procedure to save all their drained and hypnotized companions.

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