X-Men Season 1 Volume 1 DVD
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Episode #1 Night of the Sentinels Part I
When a young pretty mutant named Jubilee is attacked in a shopping mall by huge search-and-destroy robots knows as sentinels, Rogue, Storm and Gambit unleash their X-Men powers to rescue her.

Episode #2 Night of the Sentinels Part 2
In order to prevent a sinister plot to track and eliminate all mutants, the X-Men break into the mutant registration office to destroy the files. However, Beast is apprehended while trying to escape.

Episode #3 Enter Magneto
As the X-Men struggle to expose a sinister plot to register and exterminate all mutants, they find themselves battling the most menacing mutant of all time: Magneto!

Episode #4 Deadly Reunions
Professor Xavier joins the X-Men in a desperate fight to halt Magneto's reign of destruction. Meanwhile, Wolverine's long time rival, Sabretooth, infiltrates the X-Men's headquarters.

Episode #5 Captive Hearts
A relaxing night on the town is shattered when Cyclops and Jean Grey are kidnapped by the Morlocks. Storm and the rest of the X-Men engage in a gruelling duel with Callisto, the Morlock's leader.

Episode #6 Cold Vengeance
Wolverine travels to Alaska to work alongside Eskimo fishermen. He finds peace among a group of Baffin Island Eskimos but discovers that the evil Sabretooth has been stalking him.

Episode #7 Slave Island
Hearing that mutants are welcome on the island nation of Genosha, Professor Xavier sends Storm, Gambit and Jubilee there for a vacation. They discover Genosha is a slave camp where mutants are forced to construct Sentinels.

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