The Super Hero Squad Show - Hero Up! DVD
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The most powerful object in the universe, the Infinity Sword, has been shattered (oops!) in a battle between Iron Man and DR. DOOM. But Doom doesn't give up easily, he'll leave no stone unturned, and a few buildings, until he recovers every last shard.

"Not so fast, Dr. Doofus!" Iron Man snags the best heroes around to beat Doom at his own game: Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, the Silver Surfer and a hotshot flyer named The Falcon.
The fact that these big guns are also loose cannons who may not play well together is not the sort of thing that occurs to a gear-head… er… a shell-head like Iron Man.  With a little help from friends like Captain America, Ms. Marvel and tons of other heroes can Iron Man lead the Super Hero Squad to victory?  

And Lo, A Pilot Shall Come
This Silver, This Surfer
Hulk Talk Smack
To Err is Superhuman
Enter Dormammu!
PLUS Bonus Episode – “A Brat Walks Among Us!

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