Spider-Man Unlimited Complete Season DVD (2 Discs)
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Peter Parker and Mary Jane are back together again, whilst Spider-Man takes the blame for the loss of the Daily Bugle publisher’s son John Jameson. Donning a new high-tech costume, his rescue mission leads him to Counter-Earth, a strange alternate reality where humans are second class citizens. A battle against beastial incarnations of some of his greatest adversaries ensues . . .   

The most famous Marvel Comics character shoots into the 21st Century with the complete animated series of Spider-Man Unlimited on double DVD. Adapted from Stan Lee’s comic book character with a hint of anime, this release includes all thirteen original episodes.

Spider-Man’s arrival on the Earth-like planet is spiced up with arch enemies Venom and Carnage . . . unlikely partnerships are forged with Counter-Earth versions of the Green Goblin and the Vulture . . . in a dramatic finale, the planet’s safety is threatened by its leader, the High Evolutionary.

Episode #1 Worlds Apart, Part One
Hijacking a space shuttle, Spider-Man embarks on a mission to rescue John Jameson and clear his own name. He gets captured on Counter-Earth, a strange planet ruled by the High Evolutionary.

Episode #2 Worlds Apart, Part Two
With the help of John Jameson and a team of freedom fighters Spider-Man escapes from his captors; only to run into a race of humanoid animals, the Beastials, and deadly rivals Venom and Carnage.

Episode #3 Where Evil Nests
Peter Parker befriends his new landlady on Counter-Earth. Her kidnapping under the auspices of Venom and Carnage leads to an unexpected alliance between Spider-Man and the vigilante Green Goblin.

Episode #4 Deadly Choices
The theft of a lethal nuclear laboratory sample forces the human rebels and the Beastials to team up with Spider-Man. It’s a race against time to prevent the city being blown to smithereens. 

Episode #5 Steel Cold Heart
When one of the High Evolutionary’s robots shows emotion, Spider-Man rescues it from the scrapheap. Mixed feelings abound as it gets caught up in a tug of war between the human rebels and the Beastials.

Episode #6 Enter The Hunter!
Spider-Man’s secret identity comes under threat when a professional human mercenary, the Hunter, is hired to take him out.

Episode #7 Cry Vulture
After a human abduction for lab experiments, the heat is on to rescue the victim as Spider-Man joins forces with the Vulture against Firedrake.

Episode #8 Ill-Met By Moonlight
The human rebels enlist the help of Spider-Man in shutting down a radioactive power plant, which sparks off a clash with the shocking Electro and John Jameson’s alter ego Man-Wolf.

Episode #9 Sustenance
Spider-Man teams up with the Green Goblin to locate his space shuttle and head home. Can he face more rejection as a freak of nature threatens to foil his plot?

Episode #10 Matters Of The Heart
A dedicated human rebel searches for his long lost brother, leading to the ultimate betrayal for Spider-Man at the hands of the High Evolutionary.

Episode #11 One Is The Loneliest Number
It’s a grave challenge for Spider-Man when Venom is separated from his symbiote. Will Eddie Brock die or can our web-slinger hold back Carnage and re-create his toughest enemy?

Episode #12 Sins Of The Fathers
When Karen O’Malley is kidnapped by the Beastials, Spider-Man storms Castle Wundagore to rescue her. All is not as it seems as things turn personal with the High Evolutionary.

Episode #13 Destiny Unleashed
It’s end game as the High Evolutionary unleashes a reign of terror to force the surrender of Spider-Man and the human rebels. The destruction of Counter-Earth looms when a strike is spawned by Venom and Carnage.

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