Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends Complete Seasons 2 & 3 DVD (2 Discs)
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Season 2

Episode #1 The Origin Of Iceman
The mutant origins of Iceman and his membership of the X-Men are recounted. Meanwhile lives hang in the balance as Video-Man drains the Spider Friend’s powers whilst unleashing his own evil characters.

Episode #2 Along Came Spidey
Aunt May is seriously injured during an attempted armed robbery by the Shocker. As Peter Parker struggles to absorb the weight of super hero responsibility, could Spider-Man’s days be numbered?

Episode #3 A Firestar Is Born
As Firestar explains her tormented origins at an X-Men reunion, the party is broken up by the Juggernaut. It’s up to the Spider-Friends to ward off a colossal threat to Professor Xavier.

Season 3

Episode #1 Spider-Man: Unmasked!
While on vacation the Spider-Friends bravely rescue civilians from killer sharks. The tide turns against the team as Spider-Man lets slip his secret identity at the hands of super villain Sandman.

Episode #2 The Bride of Dracula (AKA: The Transylvanian Connection) 
After Firestar succumbs to the hypnotic charms of the infamous Count Dracula, Spider-Man and Iceman are drawn into a horrific Transylvanian tussle as Frankenstein and a werewolf enter the fray.

Episode #3 The Education Of A Superhero
It’s poacher turned gamekeeper as a teenage game prodigy is transformed into Video-Man. The new super hero and his Spider Friends battle the evil Gamesman who is wreaking hypnotic havoc on the city.

Episode #4 Attack Of The Arachnoid 
Spider-Man is stung into action after being framed for crimes by the Arachnoid, a creature half-human and half-spider, and when locked in conflict with the deadly Scorpion.

Episode #5 Origin Of The Spider-Friends
Coming together for the first time, the Spider Friends attempt to rescue Tony Stark from a sticky situation and prevent the Beetle from stealing his latest invention, The Power Booster.

Episode #6 Spidey Meets The Girl From Tomorrow 
When alien siblings crash land on Earth, Spider-Man steps in lovingly to help repair the spaceship’s damage. Time is not on the team’s side as the future of crime is steered by arch-enemy Doctor Octopus.

Episode #7 The X-Men Adventure
It’s mayhem at the mansion when the X-Men and Spider Friends are lured into a maze of madness by Firestar’s former lover and schizophrenic half-man, half-machine Cyberiad.

Episode #8 Mission: Save The Guardstar
Counter-terrorism agency SHIELD hires the Spider Friends to stop the mutant Lightwave stealing a powerful satellite. The plot takes a dark twist as unexpected family ties and hidden agendas are exposed.

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