Spider-Man 5000 Volume 4 DVD
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Peter Parker’s adventures unfold in his college years after a radioactive spider bite transforms him into the caring crime fighter, Spider-Man. His fearsome battles against the forces of evil sit uncomfortably alongside a job as freelance photographer at the Daily Bugle, romantic encounters with the editor’s secretary Betty Brant and caring for his elderly Aunt May Parker.

With its own unique production title, the 1980s syndicated sequel to the original animated series elevates Marvel’s® most famous character, Spider-Man, from comic books to the television screen. Adapted from the newspaper sketches of John Romita Sr., this DVD release completes the classic collection with its final seven episodes.

Planet Earth faces oblivion in the closing Doctor Doom saga and a family feud breaks out when Aunt May turns assassin. As the Sub-Mariner goes on the warpath, Spider-Man has to contend with the criminal capers of the Kingpin, the Vulture and the Frightful Four. 

Episode #20 The Web of Nephilia
A radiation experiment transforms a mad scientist into the dangerous mutant spider Nephilia. A web of deceit unravels as Spider-Man tries to prevent the theft of a gold shipment whilst steering Jameson off course.

Episode #21 Countdown to Doom
The threat of a global takeover sky rockets as the dreaded Doctor Doom plunges Earth into a new ice age. The final battle to save the planet erupts as Spider-Man teams up with the Latverian resistance movement.

Episode #22 Arsenic and Aunt May 
The Parker family suffers an identity crisis when the Chameleon discovers Peter’s secret alter-ego. Posing as Uncle Ben, the master of disguise instigates a spirited showdown between Aunt May and Spider-Man.

Episode #23 The Vulture Has Landed 
The Vulture kidnaps a group of scientists in a bid to steal a NASA space probe containing rare gems. There’s precious little time for Spider-Man to stop a hidden airborne attack by the winged wonder.

Episode #24 Wrath of the Sub-Mariner
An environmental catastrophe looms as the criminal underworld converge upon the city to dump toxic waste. Can Spider-Man stem the tide of destruction from a rampaging Sub-Mariner and the crime lord Kingpin?

Episode #25 The Return of Kingpin
Criminal mastermind Kingpin implicates Spider-Man in a spate of thefts including a precious statue, a million dollar haul and a diamond robbery. The stakes are high as our costumed crime fighter strives to clear his name.

Episode #26 Under the Wizard's Spell
Trouble rolls into town with the Frightful Four members Wizard and Medusa. The heat turns on Spider-Man as he gets tangled up in a plot to steal an electronic device from a military base.

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