Spider-Man 5000 Volume 2 DVD
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Peter Parker’s adventures unfold in his college years after a radioactive spider bite transforms him into the caring crime fighter, Spider-Man. His fearsome battles against the forces of evil sit uncomfortably alongside a job as freelance photographer at the Daily Bugle, romantic encounters with the editor’s secretary Betty Brant and caring for his elderly Aunt May Parker.

With its own unique production title, the 1980s syndicated sequel to the original animated series elevates Marvel’s® most famous character, Spider-Man, from comic books to the television screen. Adapted from the newspaper sketches of John Romita Sr., this DVD release features the next six crime-ridden episodes of the series.

World stability is undermined by the megalomaniac Doctor Doom in a continuation of this dramatic six-part story arc. Spider-Man has his work cut out to defend J Jonah Jameson and the city from a crime spree unleashed by renown rivals the Ringmaster and the Green Goblin.

Episode #8 The Doctor Prescribes Doom
The quest for world domination continues as Lord of Latveria, Doctor Doom, returns to overhaul the United Nations. A priceless outcome looks likely as Spider-Man faces up to an awesome android assault.

Episode #9 Carnival of Crime
The Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime frame Spider-Man for the ultimate robbery. Can our webbed wonder break the spell of the magical maniac and clear his name or will he bow to a final curtain call?

Episode #10 Revenge of the Green Goblin
At a Halloween costume party, Peter Parker is attacked by the Green Goblin. As his arch-rival threatens to blow his cover, Spider-Man has to crush the threat of revenge against him and J. Jonah Jameson.

Episode #11 Triangle of Evil
A cash crisis looms when Spider-Man intercepts a spate of burglaries but gets tricked into competing on the Beyond Belief TV show against the Triangle of Evil’s leader, the Stuntman.

Episode #12 The A-B-C's of D-O-O-M
Doctor Doom partners up with Goron to instigate a global takeover. When the country’s missile guidance system is stolen, Spider-Man offers the only ray of hope to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

Episode #13 The Sidewinder Strikes!
The rodeo rides into town and cowboy criminal Sidewinder blazes a trail of theft. To recover the loot Spider-Man is spurred into action against a monstrous mechanical bull.

Due to the fact that this is archive footage there may be some imperfections in the picture quality.

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