Spider-Man 5000 Complete DVD Box Set (4 Discs)
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Peter Parker's adventures unfold in his college years after a radioactive spider bite transforms him into the caring crime fighter, Spider-Man. His fearsome battles against the forces of evil sit uncomfortably alongside a job as freelance photographer at the daily bugle, romantic encounters with the editor's secretary Betty Brant and caring for his elderly aunt May Parker. 


Bubble, Bubble, Oil And Trouble
Dr Doom, Master Of The World
Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere
Curiosity Killed The Spider-Man
The Sandman Is Coming
When Magneto Speaks... People Listen
The Pied Piper Of New York Town
The Doctor Prescribes Doom
Carnival Of Crime
Revenge Of The Green Goblin
Triangle Of Evil
The A-B-C's of D-O-O-M
The Sidewinder Strikes!
The Hunter And The Hunted
The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man
The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo
Cannon Of Doom
The Capture Of Captain America
The Doom Report
The Web Of Nephilia
Countdown To Doom
Arsenic And Aunt May
The Vulture Has Landed
Wrath Of The Sub-Mariner
The Return Of Kingpin
Under The Wizard's Spell 

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