Original Spider-Man Season 3 Volume 1 DVD
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Episode #1a The Winged Thing 
The Vulture is wreaking havoc across the city and only Spider-Man can put a stop to the thieving flying fiend and his flock of birds.
Episode #1b Conner’s Reptiles 
Dr. Curtis Conner gets a taste of his own medicine when captured by his creation. Spider-Man returns to the Florida Everglades to overpower the terrifying Lizard.

Episode #2a Trouble with Snow
A combination of industrial waste and broken power line unleashes an electrically-charged snowman on New York. It’s up to Spider-Man to save the city from total meltdown.
Episode #2b Spider-Man vs. Desperado 
The cowboy criminal Desperado commits a series of robberies across New York, leading to a showdown between our heroic web-slinger and a hypnotic gun-slinger.

Episode #3a Sky Harbor 
A crazy German Baron launches an airborne attack on New York. With the mayor’s seal of approval, Spider-Man crashes in on the flying fiend’s antics. 
Episode #3b The Big Brainwasherr
After Peter Parker watches new girl-friend Mary Jane dance at a nightclub, Spider-Man has to flush out formidable criminal Kingpin and his brainwashing machine.

Episode #4a The Vanishing Dr. Vespasian 
A green-skinned scientist, Dr. Vespasian, creates an invisibility formula for his bank robberies. Will Spider-Man be left chasing shadows or will the evil genius come to a sticky ending? 
Episode #4b Scourge of the Scarf
The arts world is reeling as artistic genius Scarf and his band of looters fleece an unsuspecting public, leaving Spider-Man to extinguish a psychedelic threat.

Episode #5a Super Swami
Parts of New York are disappearing thanks to Super Swami, an overweight Oriental illusionist. Spider-Man has to conjure up some real magic to protect its citizens.
Episode #5b The Birth of Micro Man
Peter Parker is chief suspect in an escaped convict’s getaway. Spider-Man is reduced to a game of cat and mouse against Micro Man, in order to clear his name and repel an atomic threat.

Episode #6a Knights Must Fall 
A motorcycle-riding knight in armour is robbing theatres, museums and armoured trucks. Can Spider-Man put the brakes on this medieval maniac?
Episode #6b The Devious Dr. Dumpty
Dr. Dumpty and his henchmen use knockout gas for their jewellery raids. It’s no laughing matter when they come up against Spider-Man.

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