Original Spider-Man Season 2 Volume 1 DVD
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The origins of Spider-Man are traced as a scientific mishap dramatically transforms Peter Parker into the wall-crawling super hero. Juggling a busy job at the Daily Bugle with a life of crime fighting, Spider-Man clashes with the formidable Kingpin, the evil Skymaster and a frightening horde of Molemen.

Episode #1 The Origin of Spider-Man 
During a lab experiment, student Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and acquires super powers. After letting a thief slip his grasp and murder Uncle Ben, he takes up the responsibility of fighting crime as the web-slinging super hero Spider-Man.

Episode #2 King Pinned 
Peter Parker’s new job at the Daily Bugle should come with a health warning! After J. Jonah Jameson is kidnapped, Spider-Man has to stop a fake medicine racket engineered by formidable criminal mastermind Kingpin and save the Bugle from a bomb scare.

Episode #3 Swing City
The mad Master Technician captures a nuclear power station and turns Manhattan into an airborne hostage. Reluctantly passing up a date, Spider-Man sets out to rescue the city from a multi-million dollar ransom and a gravity-defying situation.

Episode #4 Criminals in the Clouds 
Peter Parker uses his spider powers to get on the school football team and boost his chances of a date. His lofty plans end up in disarray as Spider-Man takes on Skymaster, the flying fiend who kidnaps the school’s star quarterback with a view to conquering the skies.

Episode #5 Menace from the Bottom of the World 
The banks of New York are disappearing, leading Spider-Man on a perilous trail to a subterranean world occupied by a gang of Molemen and their criminal leader. Can Spider-Man save the surface prisoners from these terrifying underlying assets?

Episode #6 Diamond Dust
As Peter Parker tries to make it onto his school baseball team, Spider-Man is pitched into a delicate battle. There’s no time for monkey business as he has to stop a rampaging ape and the theft of the Optimo Diamond.

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