Original Spider-Man Season 1 Volume 2 DVD
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Freelance photographer Peter Parker transforms into the costumed crime fighter, Spider-Man, to protect the city from a bewildering line-up of Marvel® Comics villains including the Rhino, Dr. Magneto and Mysterio, whilst frequently coming to the rescue of troublesome Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson.

Episode #7a
Kilowatt Kaper: The living generator Electro escapes from prison and causes a blackout. It’s up to Spider-Man to keep the city in lights.
Episode #7b
The Peril of Parafino: On the trail of an escaped convict, Spider-Man proves he’s no dummy, as he comes up against waxworks sculptor Parafino.

Episode #8
There’s nowhere to hide as Spider-Man has to deal with a cold and take charge, whilst the Rhino threatens human safety with a weapon of mass destruction.

Episode #9a
The One-Eyed Idol: J. Jonah Jameson is hypnotized and robbed by a mysterious, one-eyed idol, leading Spider-Man to employ his own brand of spidey magic to recover the money.
Episode #9b
Fifth Avenue Phantom: Department stores are banking on Spider-Man to stop a crime wave led by the Fifth Avenue Phantom and his horde of robotic mannequins.

Episode #10a
The Revenge of Dr. Magneto: The mad scientist Magneto embarks on a trail of destruction after rejection from the Science Hall of Fame, leaving Spider-Man to repel the magnetic threat.
Episode #10b
The Sinister Prime Minister: There’s a stench of corruption in the air, as the Prime Minister of Rutania is implicated in a robbery but Spider-Man must find a way to expose an evil imposter.

Episode #11a
The Night of the Villains: Parafino blazes a robbery trail, as Spider-Man faces a triple wax threat from historic villains Blackbeard the Pirate, Jesse James and the Executioner of Paris.
Episode #11b
Here Comes Trubble: Tragedy looms for the city unless Spider-Man can destroy ancient creatures from Greek mythology, summoned by book dealer Miss Trubble.

Episode #12a
Spider-Man Meets Doctor Noah Boddy: Spider-Man has to protect J. Jonah Jameson from the vengeful appearance of an invisible scientist, Doctor Noah Boddy.
Episode #12b
The Fantastic Fakir: An Arabian jewel thief, the Fantastic Fakir, sets off on a plunderous journey and Spider-Man wastes precious little time in going on the attack.

Episode #13a
Return of the Flying Dutchman: Sightings of the legendary ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, lead Spider-Man to Smuggler’s Cove and another encounter with master hypnotist, Mysterio.
Episode #13b
Farewell Performance: As Strange ghostly disturbances arise at the condemned Castle Theatre and Spider-Man is lured into a web of deceit by Blackwell the Magician.

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