Iron Man 1995 Complete Collection DVD (4 Discs)
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An act of industrial sabotage leaves wealthy inventor Tony Stark badly injured.  Driven by an overwhelming desire for justice and honour, he creates an invincible suit of armour. The super human masked defender, Iron Man, is unleashed and embarks upon an endless struggle to protect the world from the Mandarin, his powerful rings and the forces of evil.

From the golden age of television animation, this 1990s Marvel® series introduces a sleek update for Stan Lee’s classic crime-fighting creation, Iron Man. Follow the awesome adventures of the armoured avenger in this 3-DVD set containing action-packed episodes, tense two-part stories and a guest appearance by the Incredible Hulk.

It’s the ultimate battle of good versus evil as Iron Man teams up with War Machine, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Century to take on the mysterious Mandarin and his merciless minions including Whirlwind, Dreadknight, Hypnotia, Blacklash and Grey Gargoyle.

Episode #1: And The Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead
A Russian submarine is sunk and the crew turned into radioactive zombies. Only Iron Man can stop the evil Mandarin and his deathly plans to take over the world.

Episode #2: Data In Chaos Out
Tony Stark is framed by corporate criminal Justin Hammer and the Mandarin who capture Stark satellites to inflict financial disaster. Things get worse as living computer MODOK plays mind games.

Episode #3: Silence My Companion, Death My Destination
A child kidnapping by the Mandarin and Hammer lures Iron Man into a virtual world. Weakened by damaged armour, a safe return to reality seems unlikely.

Episode #4: The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat
The Mandarin steals Stark’s jet fighter bomber, The Grim Reaper, leaving Iron Man to prevent the devastating consequences of an embarrassing security breach.

Episode #5: Rejoice! I Am Ultimo, Thy Deliverer
The sleeping giant Ultimo is awakened for the Mandarin’s servile benefit and Iron Man has to stop the raging robot’s mission of destruction. 

Episode #6: Enemy Without, Enemy Within
After kidnapping a supermodel who turns out to be MODOK’s wife, the Mandarin is threatened with the ultimate betrayal as his killing machine turns to Iron Man for help.

Episode #7 : The Defection of Hawkeye
Iron Man has his sights set on Hawkeye the Marksman when suspicions of defection to the Mandarin’s team are aroused after an attempted theft against Tony Stark.

Episode #8: The Origin of the Mandarin
The source of the Mandarin’s amazing powers is revealed as Spider-Woman, Century and the Scarlet Witch stumble across his electronic diary.

Episode #9: Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 1
The Mandarin and MODOK create an evil imposter Iron Man who steals an antidote for a lethal virus. As the world is held to ransom, accusations against the real Iron Man are sure to reach fever pitch.

Episode #10: Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 2
With the evil twin Iron Man threatening to release the virus across Los Angeles, a clash of the armoured titans is the only way to clear the real Iron Man’s name.

Episode #11: The Origin of Iron Man, Part 1
It’s a race against time as a badly injured Iron Man activates his personal memory module to stay alive, whilst being hunted down by the fiery Fin Fang Foom.

Episode #12: The Origin of Iron Man, Part 2
The memory module recounts the origins of Iron Man. Meanwhile Tony Stark clings to life in a glacier in the hope of being rescued before the Mandarin arrives.

Episode #13: The Wedding of Iron Man
As Tony Stark marries Julia Carpenter aka Spider-Woman, a perfect partnership is threatened by a vow from the Mandarin to unveil Iron Man’s secret identity.

Episode #14: The Beast Within
A horrific plot by the Mandarin to steal Iron Man’s suit of armour starts to unravel when Tony Stark fakes his death and Fin Fang Foom betrays the ringed rogue.

Episode #15: Fire and Rain
A city blackout launches Firebrand on the road to revenge against Stark Enterprises for the death of his father. Then Iron Man and War Machine get into hot water as the dam bursts.

Episode #16: Cell of Iron
A space station sabotaged by renegade scientists AIM is the cause of a terrorist attack on Earth. Iron Man’s defences are tested to the limit in trying to prevent the destruction of New York.

Episode #17: Not Far from the Tree
Tony Stark rescues his supposedly dead father from AIM headquarters and suspects a cover-up by peace-keeping force SHIELD. There’s a surprise in store, as Iron Man faces a painful takeover.

Episode #18: Beauty Knows No Pain
Horribly disfigured Madame Masque draws ex-boyfriend Tony Stark into a plot to steal an ancient, powerful jewel. Can Iron Man prevent catastrophe in Cairo or will the chink in his armour succeed?

Episode #19: Iron Man, On the Inside
Iron Man shrinks in size to bury a life-saving implant in Hawkeye’s spine. Whilst struggling against the archer’s immune system, a grudge match with Ultimo comes under the microscope.

Episode #20: Distant Boundaries
As Iron Man is called upon to intercept a dangerous unidentified falling object, an energy-sapping encounter with the crushing Titanium Man could lead to global annihilation.

Episode #21: The Armor Wars, Part 1
When the Crimson Dynamo steals Stark technology to commit an explosive atrocity, Iron Man takes the rap and embarks upon a vendetta against the criminal world.

Episode #22: The Armor Wars, Part 2
As the public turns against the vigilante Iron Man, Tony Stark retreats to his lab for salvation. Meanwhile Justin Hammer is plotting the downfall of Stark Enterprises.

Episode #23: Empowered
When MODOK banks one of the Mandarin’s power rings, the martial arts master tracks down his prized possessions. Iron Man’s awesome adventures lead to a match made in heaven.

Episode #24: Hulk Buster
The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man battle through time to overcome insane world conqueror the Leader and rescue Julia from the past.

Episode #25: Hands of the Mandarin, Part 1
An anti-technology field wreaks havoc across New York. Iron Man’s old team are re-united to stop arch rival the Mandarin and his evil forces taking over the planet.

Episode #26: Hands of the Mandarin, Part 2
In a showdown at the citadel, Iron Man and Hawkeye join forces to thwart the evil Mandarin whose plans for world domination are set to be powered by super hero energy.

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