Iron Man 1966 Series DVD (2 Discs)
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“Tony Stark, makes you feel. He's the cool exec with a heart of steel. As Iron Man all jets a-blaze. He's fighting and smiting with repulsor rays. Amazing armour, it's Iron Man. A blaze of power, it's Iron Man!”

The cool signature tune marks the arrival of a classic Marvel® super hero, Iron Man. Adapted from the comic-book style of legendary artists Don Heck, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, this 1966 animated series on double DVD follows the amazing adventures of Tony Stark, billionaire playboy, scientific genius and founder of multi-national conglomerate Stark Enterprises. 

Borne out of an industrial accident, Iron Man is Tony Stark’s secret bodyguard double. The golden gladiator dons his mighty suit of armour, jet-powered boots and blaster gloves to crush the forces of evil. Upholding justice with an iron will, he faces the demented Mandarin and a legion of villains including the Black Widow, Ultimo and the Chameleon.

Episode #1: The Mandarin’s Revenge!
When military missiles start to disappear, Tony Stark gets captured by the Mandarin, leaving Iron Man to face the explosive power of the dangerous Oriental genius and his lethal death ray.

Episode #2: The Moleman Strikes
Buildings are mysteriously sinking underground, leading Iron Man into the clutches of the Moleman and his legion. Doomsday looms thanks to a stolen atomic earth digger and a mechanical dragon.

Episode #3: The Death of Tony Stark!
Assistants Happy Hogan and Pepper investigate the suspected death of their boss Tony Stark. Thankfully Iron Man is alive but must overcome the Mandarin and his death traps to save the world.

Episode #4: If I Die, Let It Be With Honour
In a heart-stopping race against time, Happy Hogan must pick up a vital chest component to help Iron Man challenge the towering Titanium Man.

Episode #5: The Crimson Dynamo
After sabotaging a rocket launch, the Crimson Dynamo swaps sides, only for the Black Widow’s partner to spin a web of evil against Iron Man and Stark Enterprises.

Episode #6: Double Disaster
Tony Stark fires a trusted employee for stealing and the heat is on for Iron Man, as the iceman Jack Frost sets off on a trail of revenge.

Episode #7 Enter Hawkeye
The world’s greatest marksman Hawkeye has super hero designs but falls prey to the mysterious Black Widow. Can Iron Man shoot down the dangerous duo in a game of triple jeopardy?

Episode #8: Ultimo
The Mandarin captures Tony Stark and unleashes the giant Ultimo. Tensions run high as Iron Man fights to stop the destructive monster and save Stark Enterprises from financial ruin.

Episode #9: The Dream Master
It’s a nightmare as Happy Hogan quits, whilst Iron Man encounters the Unicorn, the Crimson Dynamo and merciless aliens at the hands of Master of Dreams Count Nefaria.

Episode #10: My Life for Yours
A critically ill Happy Hogan is kidnapped by the villainous Black Knight and Iron Man is lured into a monstrous rescue attempt at the castle.

Episode #11: Beauty and the Armor
The secret armour becomes a pilfered prize when Tony Stark is captured by the Mad Thinker. Then the devious Countess threatens Iron Man’s invincibility as a battle against Titanium Man ensues.

Episode #12: The Other Iron Man!
Loyalties are tested when Tony Stark collapses and Happy Hogan gets caught by the Mandarin whilst trying to protect Iron Man’s secret identity. A new suit of armour is the only hope of salvation.

Episode #13: The Cliffs of Doom!
The master of impersonation, Chameleon, and the merciless Kraven the Hunter set their sights on Stark’s new laser gun. Iron Man is thrown off target as Captain America enters the fray.

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