Fantastic Four Season 2 Volume 1 DVD
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Episode #14 - And A Blind Man Shall Lead Them
Doctor Doom explodes a nuclear device which causes the Four to lose their super powers. Daredevil swoops in to help them restore their powers and reclaim the Baxter building, but Doctor Doom escapes.

Episode #15 - Inhumans Saga Part I - And The Wind Cries Medusa
The Fantastic Four find themselves up against their nemesis, The Frightful Four, who succeed in brainwashing The Thing and turning him against the team.

Episode #16 - Inhumans Saga Part II - The Inhumans Among Us
When Johnny forces Medusa out of New York, he discovers a race of Inhumans living beneath a deserted part of the city and the Four find themselves facing leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, a villain even stronger than The Thing.

Episode #17 - Inhumans Saga Part III - Beware the Hidden Land
The Fantastic Four’s search for Johnny in the Great Refuge culminates in a battle with the Inhumans and their leader, Black Bolt, to foil their plan to destroy the human world.

Episode #18 - Worlds Within Worlds
Psycho-Man, ruler of another dimension, attacks The Fantastic Four with psychological weapons and transforms Sue Storm into Malice, Mistress of Hate. Can The Four restore her mind and find a way back home.

Episode #19 - To Battle The Living Planet
Major natural disasters are raging around the world, caused by a mysterious gravitational pull from outer space. The Fantastic Four team up with The Mighty Thor to blow up the perpetrator, Ego, the Living Planet, but have to call on the help of Galactus.

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