Original Spider-Man Season 3 Volume 2 DVD
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Episode #7 Up From Nowhere 
Manhattan is left quaking before the demented Dr. Atlantean after the city gets bubble-wrapped and dragged into the ocean. Can Spider-Man pour cold water on the fishy fiend’s pernicious plot to conquer Earth?

Episode #8 Rollarama 
New York is attacked by enormous rolling pods and Spider-Man travels back in time to get the help of a missing scientist. The heat is on as our web-slinger needs an energy boost to discharge the threat of atomic annihilation.

Episode #9a Rhino 
The egomaniacal Rhino steals gold to rule the world. There’s no place to hide as Spider-Man gets tangled up in his priceless plot.
Episode #9b The Madness Of Mysterio 
Hopes of an end to the bitter feud with master of illusion Mysterio are shrinking when Spider-Man is reduced to fun and games at a miniature fairground.

Episode #10 Revolt In The Fifth Dimension
When an alien scientist entrusts Spider-Man with secret information, the web-slinger endures a wild ride to another dimension. Sadly, he ends up to his neck in it against evil skeletal leader Infinata and his ghastly minions.

Episode #11 Specialists And Slaves 
The psychopathic Radiation Specialist returns to enslave Manhattan after capturing its nuclear reactor. There’s little help at hand as Spider-Man resorts to crime in his efforts to neutralise an aerial assault.

Episode #12 Down To Earth 
After Peter Parker and Daily Bugle pilot Osa Olsen are sent to investigate a fallen meteor in the North Pole, the resulting crash leads them to a primitive icy wasteland. The tribal savages send Spider-Man on a rocky road to meltdown.

Episode #13 Trip To Tomorrow 
A bolt of lightning throws Spider-Man into a chance encounter with a young runaway harbouring super hero aspiration. Will the web-slinger’s torrid tales spark the youngster’s interest in crime-fighting or simply shatter his illusions?

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