Original Spider-Man Season 2 Volume 3 DVD
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Combining its catchy opening theme tune with even more intricate plots, Original Spider-Man Season Two is completed on DVD with the final seven classic episodes. In this colour television series from 1968-9, Marvel’s® most famous character clashes with memorable adversaries of all shapes and sizes.

Spider-Man constantly strives to protect the city from dangerous criminals and cons but faces a massive test against a Martian giant and the strange screen monster, Blotto. After meeting his match with Spider-Girl and Skyboy, it’s a painful ending for our wall-crawling hero as he battles to preserve his secret identity.

Episode #13 Neptune's Nose Cone 
A rocket’s nose cone launched by NASA crashes into the Antarctic Ocean, leading Peter Parker and Daily Bugle pilot Penny Jones to a primitive island. Spider-Man is plunged into a savage battle and a potentially explosive outcome.

Episode #14 Home 
Peter Parker’s latest love match is too close to home for Spider-Man. After getting tied up in knots over a spider-girl, he becomes entangled in a mission to rescue an underground race of alien spider-people.

Episode #15 Blotto 
A mad movie producer invents a spirit scope to metamorphose his grotesque creation off screen. Can Spider-Man blot out a monstrous, all-consuming threat and preserve New York from complete annihilation?

Episode #16 Thunder Rumble 
Spider-Man enters stormy waters as a pair of thieves use thunder for their plunder. The outlook is bleak when a giant, lightning-throwing Martian warrior arrives to grab all the gold on Earth.

Episode #17 Spider-Man Meets Skyboy 
A missing scientist’s son dons his father’s Astro Helmet invention and transforms into Skyboy! Joining forces with Spider-Man, the super hero team face the sinister criminal Dr. Zap in an explosive rescue attempt.

Episode #18 Cold Storage 
The diamond thief Dr. Cool unleashes a gem of a setup as he puts his haul on ice and traps Spider-Man in a refrigerator. Will our web slinger’s chilling fate be sealed when he emerges from his frozen state in a prehistoric future?

Episode #19 To Cage a Spider
Badly injured during a million dollar bank robbery, Spider-Man ends up in the prison hospital. His true identity starts to unfold, as he forges an unlikely alliance with the inmates to protect his saviour Captain Stacey.

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