Original Spider-Man Season 2 Volume 2 DVD
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Episode #7 Spider-Man Battles the Molemen
Ex-convict Mugs Riley and the menacing Molemen are back! New York’s buildings start to disappear, then Spider-Man and some frightened citizens are sucked into an evil plot for revenge. Can the web-slinger dig his way out of subterranean slavery?

Episode #8 Phantom from the Depths of Time 
A cry for help leads Spider-Man to a remote island, whose inhabitants have been enslaved by the tyrannical, organ-playing Phantom. Faced with some ghastly creatures great and small, it’s time for Spidey to call the tune and free the prisoners.

Episode #9 The Evil Sorcerer 
The past and the present collide as Kotep, the Scarlet Sorcerer, is brought back to life in a New York museum by an obsessive professor. Spider-Man has a few tricks up his sleeve to avoid getting snared in the mummified magician’s web of evil.

Episode #10 Vine 
A giant prehistoric plant is on the rampage in New York and Spider-Man travels back in time to get the help of Professor Smithers. While our hero slugs it out for a pair of radium gems, are the seeds of the city’s destruction being sown?

Episode #11 Pardo Presents 
Peter Parker and girlfriend Polly join a captive audience at a gala movie premiere hosted by Pardo, the green-skinned sorcerer-cum-cat burglar. After the evil magician applies hypnotic powers for his own gain, it will take an electric performance from Spider-Man to discharge the feline fiend.

Episode #12 Cloud City of Gold
On a student exchange trip to the Andes, Peter Parker and the flight crew crash in the jungle. The rescue attempt leads them to a hidden underground city of gold, where Spider-Man faces a primitive tribe of Aztec natives and the threat of a billion dollar blast.

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