Fantastic Four Season 2 Volume 2 DVD
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Episode #20 - Prey of the Black Panther
The mysterious tribe leader Black Panther stalks The Fantastic Four through a high-tech African jungle. Meanwhile, the Four must help defeat an evil body of living sound Klaw, to thwart his plan to steal rare minerals.

Episode #21 - When Calls Galactus
The troublesome ex-herald Terrax attacks Manhattan and demands that The Fantastic Four help him destroy Galactus, whom he has betrayed and poisoned. Can The Fantastic Four save Galactus and the future of the Earth?

Episode #22 - Nightmare in Green
Doctor Doom discovers the Incredible Hulk’s true identity (Bruce Banner) and convinces him to go on a rampage against his friends. Once the Hulk uncovers the depth of Doom’s evil, he joins The Fantastic Four to destroy the Doctor.

Episode #23 - Behold, a Distant Star
Super Skrull impersonates Sue and Johnny’s supposedly dead father while wreaking destruction on New York City. Sue and Johnny vow revenge on the Skrulls.

Episode #24 - Hopelessly Impossible
The serial trickster, the Impossible Man, is on the run and retraces the story of the Fantastic Four. Johnny agrees to protect him from Super Skrull in return for finding Crystal again.

Episode #25 - The Sentry Sinister
Johnny is reunited with Crystal, while the others take a well-deserved island vacation. Mr. Fantastic, The Thing and the Invisible Woman embark on an adventure to an ancient, sinister civilization.

Episode #26 - Doomsday
Doctor Doom steals the power cosmic from the Silver Surfer and, with The Fantastic Four battling to recover the Surfer’s powers, Doom confronts Galactus for control of the universe.

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