Fantastic Four Season 1 Volume 2 DVD
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Episode 8 - The Mask of Doom - Part I
Doctor Doom kidnaps Sue Storm and reveals the story of his origin. The Fantastic Four are forced to his treacherous castle in the Black Forest and headlong into a minefield of traps.

Episode #9 - The Mask of Doom - Part II
Reed, Ben and Johnny find themselves in a deadly maze. With Sue in Doctor Doom’s clutches, their only hope of saving her is an uncertain journey back in time to Ancient Greece to retrieve an ancient casket.

Episode #10 - The Mask of Doom - Part III
In Ancient Greece, Reed, Ben and Johnny find themselves caught up in a Persian invasion. While helping the Greeks to defeat the Persians, they only have 48 hours to retrieve the coffin of Argos and return home to rescue Sue.

Episode #11 - The Mole Man
The underworld villain Mole Man sucks up world landmarks into his subterranean kingdom - - - and captures The Fantastic Four in a quest for world domination.

Episode #12 - Behold the Negative Zone
A portal to Earth opens up and lets in Annihilus, a powerful and frightening warlord from the Negative Zone, and his arch-enemy Blaastar. Only The Fantastic Four can avert the deadly threat to life on Earth.

Episode #13 - The Silver Surfer and the Return of Galactus
Galactus returns to devour Earth and the Silver Surfer joins The Fantastic Four in the fight to stop him. Things take a turn for the worse as Doctor Doom steals the Silver Surfer’s power cosmic.

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