Fantastic Four Season 1 Volume 1 DVD
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Episode #1 - The Origin Of The Fantastic Four - Part I
The Fantastic Four appear as guests on Dick Clark’s college scholarship telethon to tell the story of their origin and their first encounter with the Puppet Master, who overtakes people’s minds with small clay replicas.

Episode #2 - The Origin Of The Fantastic Four - Part II
Continuing as guests on Dick Clark’s telethon, the story of The Fantastic Four’s battle to overcome the Puppet Master concludes with the Thing turning against them.

Episode #3 - No Comes The Sub-Mariner
The Sub-Mariner, Prince of Atlantis, vows revenge on the human race and, when The Fantastic Four confront him, he kidnaps Sue Storm to make her Queen of his underwater kingdom.

Episode #4 - The Incursion Of The Skrull
The Fantastic Four cleverly save the Earth from a terrifying invasion of the Skrulls, an evil and powerful alien race, who set out to take over by impersonating the super hero team.

Episode #5 - The Silver Surfer And The Coming Of Galactus - Part I
The Watcher warns The Fantastic Four of the imminent threat from Galactus, the world-devouring giant and his herald, the Silver Surfer.

Episode #6 - The Silver Surfer And The Coming Of Galactus - Part II
Galactus will feed on the earth unless The Fantastic Four can find a way to stop him. Their plan puts Johnny Storm’s life in danger, leaving the Silver Surfer as their only hope of salvation.

Episode #7 - Super Skrull
The Skrull Emperor unleashes Super Skrull on The Fantastic Four for denying them conquest of the Earth. Only the Four’s superb teamwork and superior intelligence can save them from a being with their combined powers.

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