Gaiam AM/PM Pilates Matt Workouts DVD
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AM Pilates is a comprehensive, thorough program led by by certified fitness trainer and master Pilates instructor Jillian Hessel to work all parts of the body together. Continuous movement chellenges muscles and builds balance. PM Pilates is a physically demanding workout led by certified Pilates instructor Ana Cabán to unwind and soothe the body. Attention to the balance of strength with stretch centres the body.

This DVD includes both workouts, a bonus workout and in-depth interviews with Jillian Hessel and Ana Cabán. Add these energizing workouts to your daily routine to feel more empowered and bring your day to a joyful end... one breath at a time.

AM/PM Pilates Matt Workouts DVD Includes:

  • Two 25 minute workouts to start and finish each day inspired
  • Bonus Pilates energy boost to energize and de-stress
  • In-depth interviews with Jillian Hessel and Ana Cabán

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