The Firm 20 Minute Cardio Blast DVD
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Full-Body fitness fast. Get on the fast track to fabulous with The FIRM 20 Minute Cardio Blast. Developed by master instructor Allie Del Rio, this incredible program was designed to pack a powerful fat-burning punch into short high-energy sessions that are easy to fit into your busy day.

Cardio & Sculpt combo - 20 Mins 
Total body shaping intervals that target every muscle from all angles combined with calorie -blasting cardio bursts to keep your heart rate to quickly reveal your sculpted, sexy FIRM physique! 

Fat Blasting bursts - 20 Mins
All out cardio to burn calories, blast fat and reduce and reshape your entire body. Fun, easy to execute moves that anyone can do! Get drenched! Get energized. Get lean!

Calorie Burning Cardio - 10 Mins
A total body functional training workout with weights to sculpt and tone your upper body, abs and core and lower body and butt combined with cardio bursts designed to maximize time and efficiency.

BONUS Express Cardio Workout - 10 Mins
Super efficient, high calorie burn cardio workout.

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